St George’s Day 2016 & Queens 90th birthday

Yet again this year the local businesses in the Chapel area have been showcasing their celebrations for St George's Day and the Queen's 90th birthday by putting the St George's flag in their windows.

Totally Locally 

FIVER FEST – Featured Offer Saturday 19th September 2015 – ComputerBits

Load's a' bargains ! – Buy 'em now for Christmas Stocking Fillers!

ComputerBits Offers

FIVER FEST – Featured Offer Friday 18th September 2015 – Fosters of Chapel

Fosters for Food, Flowers Fun Frolics and every Fing

Fosters Offer

FIVER FEST – Featured Offer Thursday 17th September 2015 – The Pet Stall (On the market)

We Love these seedy ads!

Pet Stall Offer

FIVER FEST – Featured Offer Wednesday 16th September 2015 – Oxford’s Barbers

As my Sgt Major Used to say "Get your hair cut you 'orrible little man"….

Oxfords Offer

FIVER FEST – Featured Offer Tuesday 15th September 2015 – Capelli

We were Blown away by this Great Offer – Only £5 – Really!

Capelli Offer

FIVER FEST Featured Offer Monday 14th September 2015 – High Peak Dental Care

Heres a Great Offer to keep those Peggies looking good!

Dental care

FIVER FEST Featured Offer Sunday 13th September 2015 – Vecchia Italia

We're Having PIZZA for tea tonight (Open from 6pm Sundays!)

Vecchia Italia Offer


FIVER FEST Featured Offer Saturday 12th September 2015 – Halls Mica Harware

Halls Hardware Featured  Offer – today in "Totally Locally Chapel-en-le-Frith" FIVER FEST Get your Car Cleaning stuff so your ready for Sunday Morning!

Halls FIVER FEST Offer

FIVER FEST Featured Offer Friday 11th September 2015 – Paper Box

Paper box offerFIVER FEST Featured Offer

FIVER FEST Featured Offer CHAPEL MARKET Thursday 10th September 2015 –David O’Connor

David O'Connor

FIVER FEST Featured Offer Wednesday 9th Sept 2015 – Fill yer boots!

Stocks Fiver Fest featured ad


Fiver Fest 2015

New Restaurant in Town! (well perhaps not so new..)

stocks-cafe-bistroThis weekend (August Bank Holiday) there will be another choice to dine out in Chapel!

The Stocks Cafe & Bistro in the market place is once again earning the “Bistro” bit of it’s name, and will be opening on Friday and Saturday evenings for restaurant meals from 5pm to 10pm.
Go and sample some of their specialities such as: Filo Prawns with Garlic Dip or Crispy Seabass Fillet.
Take a look a their entire menu

Call for Leaflet Distribution!

Totally Locally Chapel are looking for somebody to distribute flyers door-to-door between now and the 7th September concerning the TLC Fiver Fest 2015. If you know someone, or are willing to contribute, please contact Joyce Hall at Hall’s Mica Hardware or ring her on 01298 812260. Orange cartoon character runs with the blue express mail.

Announcing Fiver Fest 2015

FiverFestAs you may or may not know, for the past few years (2013 and 2014), lots of businesses around Chapel-en-le-Frith have offered great deals for just £5 in a campaign called the 'Fiver Fest'. To give you an idea of last year's offers and what might be offered this year, check the links above.

This year, the Fiver Fest runs from 7th September through to the 19th, giving you almost 2 weeks to make the most of the deals.

The High Peak Review paper will also work with the community to organise and promote this event by running a feature in their August/September issue of their paper. This feature will include a two-page spread of adverts submitted by the participating local businesses, telling you exactly what you can get for a fiver in their store. To get an idea what that might look like, take a look (last year) here.

If you're a business, send us your offers and we will post them for free (gratis and nothing) on this website and you can also be featured in the High Peak Review (providing you send us your offer in time!)


Thursday Market 25th June 2015 – Today featuring More TEDDIES To Go!

Its Market Day again in Chapel, Get down there now for the Bargains !

Teddies 4 U

Teddies 4 U

Today Featuring Michelle's teddy re-homing Campaign, Loads of Gonks, Gooks, Teddies and other cuddly toys, at give-away prices.

I think Michelle is more interested in seeing they get loved then making a profit!

Teddy Sale

Super Teddy Sale


Anyway go along and have a cuddle

All the regular Stalls are here:

Of course we have Mellors virtual Market Garden in the Market Place:


Mellors Nursery Stall

We have David O'Connor, cheery as ever with a van full of Fish all the way from Fleetwood


David O’Connor

And as pretty much always Bev Thompson and her supplies for your pets;

Bevs Pet Foods

Bev Thompson at Chapel Market

The New Inn have a stall:

New Inns Stall

New Inns Stall

And you can get a delicious breakfast (or lunch), buttie from the New Inns Stall, featuring the Bacon and Sausage that they supply,(Details on their website here)


Nigel Sandham is here with very clever (and deceptive) planters for your garden,


Come on down and have a break!

Thursday Market 18th June 2015

Chapel's Market seems to have been showing signs of things happening since the beginning of this year, new stalls (they don't always stay!), but the feeling is clearly improving.
Today we have:

IMG_20150618_090735490Hey it's gardening season right?

David O'Connor & Fish from Fleetwood

David O’Connor & Fish from Fleetwood

Guess it's fishing season too…



The gang from the New Inn doing wonderful sausages and Bacon, oh and butties too! (Anytime is Bacon Buttie Season!)

Planters and Ornaments

Planters and Ornaments

These Planters for your garden – theyre heavy Man (that's soo sixties!), really convincing stonework, plus some lion ornaments

Good Homes Wanted

Good Homes Wanted

A re-homing service for Teddies ?? – That's a special this week

We of course also have our pet supplies lady, who is probably already having her stock pillaged by Enzo from the Post Office.

St George’s Day in Chapel
























Just had the foillowing message sent to us from a lovely local lady:

"had friends and family come to visit and so they all went into town, all the St Georges flags are flying and everyone commented on how unusual to celebrate the National Day so fully and on how beautiful the town looked.
Compliments passed on it looks fabulous. It made me feel so proud."

That's wonderful, thank you so much for your appreciation



David O’Connor – Superfresh Seafoods

Happy Times - David O'Connor

Newest stall on Chapel's Thursday Market is David O'Connor with a vanload of Superfresh Seafood from Fleetwood, hes so pleasant and helpful that you can hardly help but buy some!

Here next Thursday for Georges Day on the Market Place..

Buy some swordfish from him....

Buy some swordfish from him….

We’re still here…. just about!

Market Pl Hole

Those nice men from Excalon are digging a bloomin great trench through our Market and though it says "Business as Usual" its not really very usual!


When we first received notice of the work, laying a new electric supply down from Eccles Road, to Hayfied Road, we thought yippee, we are going to get the existing grotty Three phase connection through the Market replaced, that should help stop the regular power outages and failures we have always been plagued with!



Now however it seems that it's just a new "line", not a supply to local premises, (we guess it's more to do with New Housing than providing for existing residents…) Que sera..



If you come to the Market Place, you are likely to be a little confused by the mass of signage and barriers and cones, but don't be impatient, there is room for all.


In fact it's very noisy and dusty, and has been chaos for through traffic. (though we haven't a lot of sympathy for the "Cutter Throughers" who use the Market Place and Burrfields as simply a shortcut to Ferodo)

Market Chaosl

BUT and it's a major but, the guys doing the job are super helpful and do everything they can to "work around" the residents, so we ARE still here and we are still able to offer you all our normal services, (You may not be able to park outside the door, but really not very far), so DO NOT BE PUT OFF!

ComputerBits, Dark Mark, Barbers@19, Chapel Chippy, Chandlers, Care UK, The Roebuck" and even Stocks Cafe are all open and ready to serve.


Christmas Cards to Plant Trees


Help plant trees by giving us your used Christmas cards for recycling.

Please help us take part in this years M & S and Woodland Trust scheme to plant new trees. For every 1000 Christmas cards recycled with them this year they will plant one tree, their goal for this year is to plant 10,000 trees. this means that all together 10 million Christmas cards are going to be needed to reach this goal.

This scheme will be on from the 2nd of January to the 31st so you need to bring your cards to ComputerBits or to an M & S store to get your cards recycled and help get the trees planted rather than just throwing them away.

Last year over 8.1 million cards where donated allowing them to plant 8,100 trees and they plan to do more this year so help out by donating your old Christmas cards.

Bonfire 2014 – Sponsors Needed!

Businesses we need your sponsorships for this year's annual bonfire!

Every year we must raise several hundred pounds to have a consistently decent firework display, and this funding can only come from local businesses and individuals. Fortunately, year upon year, the Chapel community provides a generous donation and we're now looking for sponsors for this year. We have two 'tiers' of donation: silver and gold. Gold sponsorships require £25 or more and feature you on our bonfire website. Donations can be made at cbitslogo. There is also a 'Name the Guy' competition, giving everyone a chance to pick a politician to stand in as our Guido Fawks and a bottle of champers for our winner. 

Natalie’s Christmas Fair Proposal

Natalie Hall is proposing to hold a Christmas Fair on the Market Place on Saturday 13th December and Sunday 14th December. The fair will have a traditional food market and local trader's stalls with live entertainment and festivities. She is hoping to arrange the whole event with the help of volunteers but is looking for assistance in the initial set up cost. Profits will go back to Friends of Chapel Park or similar village schemes. Natalie would appreciate advice with where to gain financial assistance. It would be an amazing event year upon year for both the local community and children. She is currently contacting local businesses to try and arrange sponsorships and the inital cost is broken down as follows: 
6 Bands ~£220 each ~£1320
Real Reindeer ~£300 for 3 hours each day ~£300
Marquee Hire ~£550 ~£550
DJ and Compare ~£100 ~£100
Lighting and Festivities ~£160 ~£160
Contingency Fund ~£350 ~£350

Total   ~£2780
Stall holders will in fact be an income, as she's proposing to charge a minimum of £10 per plot and food stalls at a minimum of £20 per day plus profit share. Entertainment for children will also be on a plot basis, so will be an income.
If you would like to help or have a proposal or a suggestion contact Natalie by phone (07739025895) or email (

Fiver Fest Aug 24th September 7th 2014

reminder of Last Years Offers...

The offers we have so far….

Yes, it’s nearly FIVER FEST time again!, loads of businesses in Chapel will be offering you a special deal for only £5 between the 24th August and 7th September 2014 That’s right bargains right up YOUR STREET..  Go here to see the offers we have up to date.

Get yourself listed in our business directory

get your business listed   If you’re a business situated in the Chapel-en-le-Frith, Chinley, Bugsworth, Combs or Dove Holes  area, then it would be beneficial for you to be listed in our business directory. Just click here or on the image above to submit your details.

MayDay’s a coming….


TLC Meeting 7:30 on 22nd April – The Roebuck Inn

A meeting for everyone who is interested in helping totally locally Chapel-en-le-Frith on Tuesday 22nd April, this is a must Meeting 22nd April 7:30pm at Roebuckfor anyone who is involved in the local community, or with a business or organisation in Chapel.

Totally Locally are working on our agenda of events during 2014 and are after as much input and involvement from everyone local as they can possibly get!

We are also finalising  our MayDay Extravaganza which happens Monday 5th May 2014 – Yes that’s a Bank Holiday so you have no excuse..

We have other plans and ideas, look around the website learn about Totally Locally in Chapel-en-le-Frith and come along to the meeting and contribute your ideas If your new come along, introduce yourself and have a drink and chat with all of us who are running what is so much more than a shop local campaign, take a look at the whole Totally Locally  campaign, look around our website or at the website of the campaign HQ

Looking forward to seeing you!

Meeting of Totally Locally Chapel-en-le-Frith

A meeting for everyone who is interested in helping totally locally Chapel-en-le-Frith on Wednesday 4th December, this is a must for anyone who is involved in the local community, or with a business or organisation in Chapel.

Totally Locally are planning their agenda of events for 2014 and are after as much input and involvement from everyone local as they can possibly get! If your new come along, introduce yourself and have a drink and chat with all of us who are running what is so much more than a shop local campaign, take a look at the whole Totally Locally  campaign, look around our website or at the website of the campaign HQ Looking forward to seeing you

The Barber at No 19 – Open Evening – Bonfire Night on The Market Place

Bonfire Night in Chapel Market Place


The recently Opened Barber at No 19 in the Market Place, is holding

 an open evening to coincide with the bonfire and fireworks in the Market Place On Tuesday November 5th.

Chris and his team are strutting their stuff, and look forward to showing you the latest tricks in grooming

Why don’t you come to the bonfire and take the opportunity to call and and see what’s happening?, with free Hot Chocolate and maybe a haircut or shave (Ladies too Chris?)

FIVER FEST Aug 24 – Sep 7 – Fill yer boots!

Fiver Fest 2013

Totally Locally Chapel-en-le-Frith are holding their Fiver Fest  where stores and businesses throughout Chapel will be making an extra special offer of their goods and services  at a bargain basement price of £5 (Yes that’s ONLY £5)

You will soon be able to receive details of these offers via this website as well as lots of posters in the businesses involved. Check back soon! Click here to view the offers

Totally Meeting at Rems Bar Weds 7th July at 7:30


Meeting on Wednesday at 7:30 in the palatial surroundings of Rems Bar

We are planning to draw up plans for our FIVER FEST which happens 24th August to 7th September – Yes that’s including Bank Holiday week-end..

A FIVER FEST is one of TL marketing wheezes where every shop and business dreams up a Special Offer for JUST £5 this must be something that represents Real Value to the customer, and is featured within their business and combined  by Totally Locally with all the other local businesses to make an exciting campaign that is special to our town We have other plans and ideas, look around the website learn about Totally Locally in Chapel-en-le-Frith and come along to the meeting and contribute your ideas See you there!

Chapel-en-le-Frith Goes Totally Locally!

mayday2013Chapel-en-le-Frith is the latest place to take Totally Locally! A crack team of volunteers is already working late into the night to bring you the launch event on MayDay. Totally Locally is about opening your eyes to the great independent shops and businesses which grace Chapel-en-le-Frith and the nearby area. It’s here to encourage you to turn into the door of that shop you walk past every day. Go on, give it a try – there’s a good chance you’ll want to go back. It’s about supporting local growers, producers and services: be it furniture makers, farmers, accountants or bakers. Most of all though it’s about people. Great people. People who care about what they do, what they grow, what they make and ultimately the people they sell it to. And it’s about all of us. A collective responsibility of all of us to support these businesses. Because when we do our towns thrive. If you support a local shop or business, chances are they support at least ten others. And those ten support another ten each. It’s the very structure of what we have come to love about this area. Find out more about Totally Locally (more…)
Photo montage of Chapel-en-le-Frith Link getting Totally Locally in your town