We’re still here…. just about!

Market Pl Hole

Those nice men from Excalon are digging a bloomin great trench through our Market and though it says "Business as Usual" its not really very usual!


When we first received notice of the work, laying a new electric supply down from Eccles Road, to Hayfied Road, we thought yippee, we are going to get the existing grotty Three phase connection through the Market replaced, that should help stop the regular power outages and failures we have always been plagued with!



Now however it seems that it's just a new "line", not a supply to local premises, (we guess it's more to do with New Housing than providing for existing residents…) Que sera..



If you come to the Market Place, you are likely to be a little confused by the mass of signage and barriers and cones, but don't be impatient, there is room for all.


In fact it's very noisy and dusty, and has been chaos for through traffic. (though we haven't a lot of sympathy for the "Cutter Throughers" who use the Market Place and Burrfields as simply a shortcut to Ferodo)

Market Chaosl

BUT and it's a major but, the guys doing the job are super helpful and do everything they can to "work around" the residents, so we ARE still here and we are still able to offer you all our normal services, (You may not be able to park outside the door, but really not very far), so DO NOT BE PUT OFF!

ComputerBits, Dark Mark, Barbers@19, Chapel Chippy, Chandlers, Care UK, The Roebuck" and even Stocks Cafe are all open and ready to serve.


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