Whats it all about, Fiver ?

The Totally Locally Fiver Fest

is the chance for the independent shop and business owners in Chapel to shout about just how good they are and the great value they offer.

We are constantly bombarded with advertising from the big supermartkets and huge chains telling us we can't live without them and how cheap they are. But you and I know that if you look closely they are not that great, and if something is on offer others are more expensive and they make it up overall, most of us are jealous of the margins they geat away with making.

So, here's your chance to shout back!


What do I do ?

Create a special offer for the good people of Chape-en-le-Frith for £5 (and may be a second one for those not so good!)), Make it special, make it interesting, don't just grab something you normally sell for £5.25 and discount it – make it real value for money

What sort of Stuff?

Anything from a £5 lunch deal, or a £5 meat pack, a gift that is selling more expensively elsewhere, to a £5 introductory treatment, lesson, a £5 wonky veg box or whatever. Chosse soething your suppliers are promoting, that's seasonallycheap, you get the idea

Fiver Fests elsewhere have included, guitar re-stringing, , a £5 Car Valet,

What do I do then ?

Put your offer on a poster, (print form here) display it with pride

Email it to us and we'll add it to the totally chapel website and try to get it inculded in press, radio etc that we are doing.

What if I'm OK without it?

You wish it was just about you – it's not!

Its about our town, our community and many like us, if one business struggles or closesthere is a knock on effect to everone else. More empty shops and premises mean less reason for people to visit, more businesses suffering and even yours!

In Chapel we are lucky to have so many independent businesses , but we cannot afford to take this for granted.

Most small businesses don't have a Marketing Budget nor staff to execute it, Totally locally is giving you and our town a Marketing push. Can you really afford to miss this opportunity ? who turns away any extra business?



Photo montage of Chapel-en-le-Frith Link getting Totally Locally in your town